ITW Tiantai welding consumables high-speed single-layer electroslag surfacing products

Thick-walled containers such as petrochemicals and nuclear energy equipment are considered for anti-corrosion. Generally, stainless steel anti-corrosion layers are required to be welded on the inner surface. The traditional submerged arc surfacing welding adopts a surfacing process of more than 2 layers due to the high dilution ratio of the base metal. In recent years, our company has developed a single-layer high-speed stainless steel electroslag belt electrode surfacing product, which is used in the actual production process.

The single-layer high-speed strip electroslag surfacing technology is more suitable for current and faster welding speed than conventional submerged arc surfacing and double-layer electroslag surfacing (up to 40 CPM). Double the electrode surfacing) can greatly improve the efficiency of surfacing and reduce the production cost.

Our high-speed single-layer electroslag surfacing flux is ML-305HS. The matching TBD-309LNb can be used for the inner wall surfacing of pressure vessels such as hydrogenation reactors. It has excellent welding operation performance, excellent slag removal and wettability. The seam is well formed, and the surfacing metal has excellent corrosion resistance and hydrogen stripping resistance.

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