The star of high-efficiency welding

ArcStar 81K2M, the flux-coated wire for low temperature

It is atitanium-type, which designed to a flux-coated wire for high-tensile steelwelding with strength above 550N/mm2. It has excellent performancesuch as low-temperature storage tanks applications and wind power. Energy issuehas become a global trend, and it can be called the super star ofhigh-efficiency welding consumable.


Using mixed gas welding (80%Ar+20%CO2), it has excellentwelding performance in all posture.

 It has excellent welding ability and high efficiency, less spatter andgood welding slag removal.

 It has good impact toughness in low temperature environment (-60℃).

 It is suitable for offshore structures, such as LNG and LPG ships andstorage tanks in low temperature environment.

 It is suitable for wind power structure, wind tower structure and otherrelated applications.

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