Submerged arc welding products for strain strengthening of austenitic stainless steel

The use of strain-strengthening technology to produce austenitic stainless steel container equipment can save materials and achieve light weight, and the welding residual stress of the product is eliminated and the processing stress is uniformized.

With the promotion of the application of strain-enhancing technology, the austenite used in the standard GB/T18442 "Fixed vacuum adiabatic cryogenic pressure vessel" in October 2016, "Part 7: Internal Force Strain Reinforcement Technical Regulations" Stainless steel welding materials impose stringent requirements.

Tiantai's submerged arc welding wire and flux TW-308L/TFS-300NB are widely used by customers because of their stable performance in the UNS30400/3 series austenitic stainless steel strain-strengthening technology.

TW-308L/TFS-300NB welding the test plate of a 304L stainless steel container equipment after 9% pre-stretching, the mechanical properties of the welded joint are as follows, and the indicators meet the strict requirements of GB/T18442 standard.

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